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Technical Analysis Articles

Our financial experts share their bits of knowledge on key business sector patterns and indicators. Take after the day by day specialized investigations to get an edge in trading in forex. Read Daily market analysis, Fx news, Forex tips and technical analysis of US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar

When you evaluate the Forex market for the swing trade opportunities, the focus of consideration is to predict the continuations and directional changes for certain given pair of currency, and for this purpose; most of the times people rely on technical analysis. In such an analysis, for instance, the fundamental analysis, there are leading and lagging indicators.

In the foreign exchange trading market, there are two types of analysis that are used as a base. There is fundamental analysis and technical currency analysis. These two analysis methods are used as the base calculation for an investment. A little bit different from stock market and any other markets, the use of the analysis in forex trading market is more focusing on currency, which connects with many different elements of a country and the economic and financial status.

The price and market in forex trading are always changing. We can’t predict what will happen next. The price that seems stable could be down to the lowest point in an instant. Having a deep knowledge about chart patterns and technical indicators is essential in forex trading.

If you learn finance or other technical analysis tools you may know what candlestick patterns is. Let us stretch a little bit more about it in order to have a clearer definition about this pattern and the types that often you will see in the real-life observation. Firstly, knowing the history about the invention of candlestick pattern is merely important.

Do you look for the tool of Forex trader? Well, Forex indicator is needed by you to get the most profitable trade.

What is Forex indicator?

Before talking so far, you should know what the meaning of the Forex indicator at first. Well, this is the tool that is used to predict the direction of the market. For that, if you are going to join Forex, you will make some great strategies based on the indicators that you find.

Let’s have a pop quiz. If you have to continue the sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… how are you going to fill in the blank? 56, 89, 96? If you can solve the problem without looking it up on Google, or asking your sweet little bro who is still in school to find out the answer, then it means you probably have some potential to become an analyst in trading.