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Trading Psychology Articles

Let’s begin with the easy part; in order for you to at all be profitable as a trader, you first need to have a strategy, plan, or a method that actually makes you money, also known as an “edge” in the forex markets. Then, let’s talk about the difficult part; you need to follow your plan. Finding forex strategies that works is not necessarily that difficult or complicated, but it is very difficult to follow through with it and execute your plan every day.

Trading forex has a huge risk in the process. All of us want to produce million dollars in an instant by trading forex. Indeed, a big success in trading forex can change our life. But it’s not easy to be a successful trader in forex trading. There is a huge chance we lose a big amount of money in an instant.

The stock and financial markets are fertile ground for the creation and proliferation of myths. It is very common in conversations about the stock market and investments typical questions and statements by the layman in this world arise : Can I make money fast" , "Do I need a lot of money to start investing" " Invest is like playing at the casino" or "Investment in forex is very risky".