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The difference between where a trade is entered and exited is the contract for difference (CFD). A CFD is a tradable instrument that mirrors the movements of the asset underlying it. It allows for profits or losses to be realized when the underlying asset moves in relation to the position taken, but the actual underlying asset is never owned. Essentially, it is a contract between the client and the broker.

Trading CFDs has several major advantages, and these have increased the popularity of the instruments over the last several years. Find here the complete list of Forex Brokers who offer CFD trading.

Title Minimum deposit Min.position size
AAAFx $300 0.01
Abshire-Smith $1,000 0.1 lot
AccentForex $1 0.1
ActivTrades $100 0.01
Admiral Markets $200 0.01
AFX Capital $200 0.01
AL Trade $20 0.01
AMarkets (ex-AForex) $2 0.001
Axiory $100 0.01
bforex $100 0.025
BlackStoneFx $200 0.1
Bulbrokers $100 0.01
Citypoint Trading $500 0.1
CMC Markets £200 1
DeltaStock $100 0.01
eToro $50 0.1
FIBOGroup $300 0.01
Finam $10 0.01
Forex Club $1 0.01

The Advantages of Forex Brokers with CFD Trading

CFD stands for the Contract for Difference, which means the difference between where a trade is entered and exited. CFD acts as a tradeable instrument, mirroring the movements of the asset underlying it. In essence, CFD is a contract between the client and the Forex Brokers with CFD Trading. Here are the benefits offered by the CFD trading:

Learn What Benefits are Offered by CFD Trading

  • Higher leverage than the traditional trading. CFD trading generally provides leverage that is much higher than the traditional trading. Depending on the underlying asset, the margin requirement can begin as low as 2% and go up to 20%. Increased leverage means magnify losses, but lower margin requirements would generally mean less capital outlay for the investor and greater potential returns.
  • No Shorting Rules. CFD trading generally does not include short selling rules. Markets have rules that prohibit shorting at certain times, and an instrument can be shorted at any time. In CFD market, there is no borrowing or shorting cost since there is no ownership of the actual underlying
  • No Day Trading requirements. While the certain markets require some minimum amounts of capital to day trade, this is not the case with CFD market. These certain markets also place limits on the amount of day trades that can be made within some certain accounts, but the CFD market is not bound by the same restrictions. The traders can have their Forex Brokers with CFD Trading trade as they wish. Generally, CFD accounts can be opened for as little as $1,000 while the common monimum deposit requirements are also $2,00 and $5,000.
  • Various trading options. In CFD, you can trade not only currency—stock, index, commodity CFDs can also be the subjects to trade in CFD market. This is a great alternative for the investors who are looking for more attractive trading.
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