Dax 30 goes slow your back

Although the clouds are still let the sun in the selective Spanish stock market, there are still some burn cartridges before lowering the stock in our investment hell called talk the great primary bear trend which we still have in mind from 2008-2012.Many are still injured from that average downward cycle of domestic firms, other trend followers, whether they were working, they made their grand August from 2012 to 2015 and now means we’re still correcting the excesses of these very fertile years.

2016 begins upside than most in recent years, with large declines in Spain and in the major international indices.

Looking at the graph of Ibex 35 is complicated wetting bullish direction right now, but since they are many people who have asked some study that gives some hope to the most bullish investors engaged in actions since the beginning of 2015, we believe that we still have a limits on the Ibex that can function as a brake on prices in the beginning of the year. This absolute limit to reach the abyss should not be the mainstay of 8700 points, looking at this as optimistic scenario counter and hope that at this level the market ceases to correct given the accumulated oversold. On the downside of such drilling levels is the fastest way to hell.

It is obvious that everything is kind of cabals are our analysis, but the ball is now in the court of Spanish politicians, without an agreement solvent or stable to our economy in the coming weeks or months government, we avocados to more uncertainty and thus more volatility for the Ibex35.

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