For what use Expert Advisors (Robot Forex)?

Advances in information and computer technology promise an attractive facilities in trade Forex (foreign exchange), which feature the use of automated trading (automated trading) with Expert Advisors. Expert Advisor can only be run on any platform / Meta-Trader trading software and created using a programming language very similar to C ++ to help make decisions in trading and overcome the weaknesses of human nature in the trade, for example, fatigue, fear, greed, inconsistent, and others.

Expert Advisor is often called a Forex robot can do some trades executed automatically and relatively faster than humans because it is a very convenient facility for traders who want the ease of trading. Traders do not have to monitor the movement of foreign exchange (Forex) nonstop like what is generally done when the trader has a floating loss. Expert Advisors (Robot Forex) can take over the conduct of open trade, close profitable positions, cut losses, or money management. But it should be remembered that you cannot completely rely on the Expert Advisors (Robot Forex) without understanding the basis and mechanism of Forex trading itself. Traders are still a very important role in trading using Forex robot, as the timing and the appropriate settings of Expert Advisors (Robot Forex) will determine the success of trading.

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Expert Advisor is suitable for investors who want to invest in Forex practical and profitable without handing over the “fate” of funds to others (fund manager / broker Forex).

The advantages of Expert Advisors (Robot Forex) in general:

  • The ability to trade without emotion

    Emotions in the trade are very important because of the negative emotions (greed / fear) often makes traders suffered losses. For example to cut losses prematurely because of fear, or the open position repeatedly / barrage if it has got a profit, or to restore the losses have occurred. Expert Advisor (EA) can avoid this because EA can cut loss / take profit at the prescribed limit in the absence of human emotions

  • The ability to trade automatically

    Traders often lose a good moment because traders are not ready or not in place at the time of the expected price movement. This generally occurs when investors have other jobs that cannot be abandoned. The result is not getting the expected profit or loss is large (because lose chance cut losses to a minimum in the position of floating loss)

Expert Advisor (EA) can avoid this because EA can trade automatically without the need to be monitored continuously. These factors are helping other traders who have business / busy. Hopefully, by the EA, investors get two benefits at once, e.g. make a profit in Forex and still have time to do other work.

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