Gold Trading Brokers

Gold is the most popular investment among all precious metals – the reason for this being the perception people have of gold as a safe harbor during economic, social or political crises. India is world’s biggest gold consumer followed by China and US. Jewellery and investment are the key areas of Indian gold demand. In fact, gold jewellery made up about 75% of total gold demand in India in 2010.

Just as any other markets, the gold one is often a subject to speculation. This is mainly achieved by using futures and derivatives. Here is a list of brokers who offer Gold trading in addition to the Forex trading.

Title Minimum deposit Min.position size
3TG Brokers $300 0.01
Abshire-Smith $1,000 0.1 lot
AccentForex $1 0.1
ActivTrades $100 0.01
Advanced Markets $2,500 0.1
AGEA $1 0.00001
AL Trade $20 0.01
AMarkets (ex-AForex) $2 0.001
ATC Brokers $5,000 1
AvaTrade $100 0.01
Axiory $100 0.01
bforex $100 0.025
BlackStoneFx $200 0.1
Bulbrokers $100 0.01
Citypoint Trading $500 0.1
DeltaStock $100 0.01
DF Markets $1 0.01
Easy-Forex $25 0.05
FIBOGroup $300 0.01
Finam $10 0.01

Is It Time For Another Gold Rush?

From the many years ago, gold has always been considered as the best currency. It holds a steady value and widely accepted all over the world. The coins have come way earlier than the paper money. This simple fact explained why gold is still being traded these days, and even considered as the best among all type of trading currency. That’s why there are a lot of gold trading brokers who specialized in gold and silver as currency.

Best Value

Compared to the modern currency, gold has a good and steadily rising value. Older gold can have a better value if it’s part of history. An ancient coin that dated for the over a hundred years will be valued at multiple times than when it was first come out. Of course, we must count the inflation and all that. But a rare gold coin isn’t one to trade around much. To be safe, the gold being traded now is already regulated and all come in several compact sizes.

Best Protected Investment

Because of the steady value, many people have switched from their regular bonds to use gold as an investment. And since it’s also much less volatile, any gold investor can have a better sleep at night. By far, your investment will be best protected in gold or silver form instead of bonds. You also can sell them quickly with small margin than your original price.

If you’re thinking to take an investment, you shouldn’t look too far. You also don’t have to be registered or have a ton of money. With gold, you can start slow and buy them individually. But of course, you won’t feel much profit that way.

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