Rules of game ten commandments of online forex

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    Kiaria Yoshida

    Ten of the most important aspects of forex trading that you need to understand, accept and implement if you want to trade successfully and profitably.

    1. Know what your trading strategy is and master it.
    2. Be honest with yourself.
    3. Trust yourself – trust your gut and ignore ‘tips’
    4. Don’t let the results of your last trade influence your next trade
    5. Control losses, do not avoid them
    6. Preserve your trading capital for the ‘easy prey’ trades
    7. Be excited about trading, not about money
    8. Plan your trades
    9. Be realistic.
    10. Get proper training


    It is difficult to survive in the market for the new traders. They always be in fear of losses. If they face losses, they quit the market. As a new trader, he should know that loss is the common factor of forex trading. If a new trader can get proper education about forex, he will never leave the market. Because he knows that if he tries well he can easily recover from that losses. A broker can help a new trader to recover and reduce the losses. I am always trading with Tpglobalfx because of their support and easy trading technic which can help me to reduce my losses and make profit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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