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    The best forex trading signals live
    The best forex trading signals live presented by free forex signals
    SELL from 1.2460
    Take profit 1.2300
    Stop loss 1.2540
    type order Market Execution is entering this trade at any price from 1.2460
    technical analysis and forex signals for GBP USD
    waves in the same direction will tend toward equality SO GBPUSD WILL resume bearish wave to level 1.2130
    Riding Wave C in a Zigzag
    Trend continues till gives a reversal signal
    on hourly chart the Last wave determine the end of the pattern and Consists of zigzag that generate sell GBPUSD forex signals
    reversal candlestick pattern on daily chart is shooting star
    The price behavior is the result of Environmental pattern
    Current surrounding Repetitive pattern is zigzag Wave C = 1.618 Wave A
    History Repeats Itself that the future is just a repetition of the past
    The bearish movement from level 1.3510 to level 1.1410 appeared before on price chart at 19-6-2015 and followed with bullish movement equal the current bullish movement from level 1.2240 to 1.2520 that give forex trading signals to sell GBP USD and according to this movement GBP USD will decline to 1.0580
    Also The bearish movement from level 1.2650 to level 1.2240 appeared before on price chart at 9-7-2018 and followed with bullish movement equal the current bullish movement from level 1.1410 to 1.2650 that give forex trading signals to sell GBP USD so the gbp usd will decline near to level 1.1970
    surrounding Repetitive pattern before this movement expanded flat Wave C = 1.618 Wave A
    We expect price will repeat the same movement again and gbp usd price will go down toward 1.1970
    Maybe the correction equal only one wave of previous correction
    free forex signals presents special offer
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