Zero Spread Brokers

Zero Spread Brokers
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Spread is difference between a bid price and an ask price. This difference is a Broker actual commission. Not many brokers offer accounts without spreads, but those who do can usually be compared by commission (or fee) they charge per execution of one standard lot. Traders should favor brokers with lowest commission. Unfortunately, such brokers also have high minimum account size associated with no-spread accounts.

As per the financial dictionary, “Spread” is the difference between Bid and Ask price of a currency pair.

Trading Forex without spreads offers an opportunity to know your entry and exit levels precisely. Here is a list of brokers who offer Zero Spread Account.

Zero Spread Brokers List

Title Minimum deposit Min.position size
HotForex Review $1 0.01
XM.COM Review $5 0.01
Forex Club $1 0.01
FreshForex $1 0.01
InstaForex $1 0.01
IronFX $500 0.01
PFD $1 0.01
RoboForex $1 0.01

Start Your Trading with Zero Spread Brokers

Among those choices of a broker that you can find today. Some of them will offer you with Zero Spread. Hence, those broker with this offer is known as Zero Spread Brokers. Therefore, this is an option of a broker that you can find with a different feature offered. It comes with zero spread which is considered as one of the best features from brokers. There are some brokers that come with this kind of feature. However, there are still further details that you need to know about this feature since every broker comes with a different rule. It is important to understand about those rules so that you will not find any broker in which you don’t know how their feature will work for you.

Facts about Zero Spread Account

  • Zero spread brokers are cheaper than the trading with spread.
  • Also, Traders has direct access to the market and deep liquidity.
  • Furthermore, Brokers ask trading costs as the fixed commission per trade for zero spread account.

Know More about Zero Spread

This term is actually quite familiar in trading since the spread is the term to define the different of the bid price and ask when a trader make a transaction. This different may widen or narrow depend on the volatility of the pair. This spread will be charged with a certain number that has been calculated by each broker. The more widen the spread, the cost will also be higher. For this reason, some traders might not prefer the broker with this kind of spread rule to let them trade. Therefore, this problem comes with the solution for those brokers that come with zero spread.

This kind of service of the feature will provide up to zero spread just like what it is called. However, it doesn’t mean that every trader will not be charge at all. On the other side, the broker will determine a certain charge. Some other brokers will also use a certain type of zero spread that comes with a certain range. Despite the benefit that you can find from zero spread broker, there is also the other side that might still charge for certain cost needed for your spread with a different term.

Advantage and disadvantage of Zero Spread

Like every other entity in this world, zero spread brokers and zero spread accounts are also have some advantages and disadvantages. Here is the pros and cons of zero spread account.


  • Traders has a chance to start trader as per market position.
  • Trade is cheaper than the fixed spread account.
  • Above all, In zero spread account, costs associated with a trade is clearly visible.


  • First of all, Brokers earned money by fixed commissions.
  • Also, Zero spread account has a bigger account opening size.
  • Finally, Execution speeds is slower than the fixed speed account.
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