How to Read Forex Charts


Despite the popular belief, there are very few traders who really know how to read forex charts. Sure, plenty of people know how to interpret them, and those who do not can always rely on someone else crunching their numbers for them – at their own peril, of course.However, forex charts analysis is not something that should be left to other people.

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Find best Ways To Learn Forex Trading


Are you familiar with the foreign exchange market? Do you know why people want to learn forex trading? If not, then you should read this. Forex is the market where governments, banks, businesses, investors, and traders come to speculate and exchange currencies. A growing number of people are getting more and more interested in it because of the promising profit. However, just like other trades, it's something you must prepare for. In the following, let's talk about tips on how to learn about foreign exchange and the good of it. This will help one learn to become a currency trader soon.

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ECN Forex Broker - Pros and Cons


There are two basic types of brokers in forex market; one is the market makers and the other is ECN Broker. ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. In simple words ECN is a financial expert who provide a direct route to its customers so that they can interact with other market participants. ECN is a type of computer software that facilitates the trading outside the market so ECN forex brokers only acts as a middle man between your trades, not as market maker.

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Forex Spread

The difference between the bid and the ask price of a security or asset.

Pips in Forex

A value change between two different currencies is called as a pip.

Fibonacci in Trading

Fibonacci trading is one basic from the many forex trading systems used brokers

Forex Strategy

Make a plan of the strategy, follow the trend and market, and they make a record

Forex Platform

Essential points on how to choose a trading platform to enhance your performance

Forex Leverage

Here are all the things that you need to know and learn about leverage

Best forex broker List

A reputable and trustworthy forex broker can give you the necessary options, conveniences and opportunities to increase your profits and to trade with no risk or difficulties. We have listed some global top forex brokers below.


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